Glacier 3000

Jump in the mountains with the Glacier 3000, dominate the snowy peaks and discover breathtaking views of the valleys of the Switss Romande and the Bernese Oberland.

Arriving at the Pillon pass take the cable car, the spectacular 15-minute drive that will take you to the Glacier 3000. An amayzing panorama awaits you there, 24 peaks over 4000 meters are visible notably the famous Jungfrau, Mont Blanc and many others.

Peak Walk by Tissot 

The attraction not to be missed is without doubt the Peak Walk by Tissot, the only suspension bridget in the world that connects two summits. It connects the top of the ViewPoint at Red Scex. Venture on this 107-meter bridge and test your vertigo! But the magnificent view of the Alps will quickly make you forget the void under your feet.

Alpine Coaster 

1 Km of descent, 10 bends, 6 waves and 3 jumps: perfect mix for an unforgettable experience! Alpine Coaster boosts the adrenaline rush and keeps your pulse high! At more than six meters above the ground, you feel weightless and you reach summits. Thanks to the brake lever, you can adjust the speed of the sled yourself. (Minimum size 130cm - Child from 3 years old if accompanied - From 9 years only)


Ice Express chair lift

Take the Ice Express chairlift to access the eternal snows of the glacier. Many activities await you down: Fun park, ride in Snowbus and walks of all kinds.


Snow Bus

Have you ever had a ride on a track vehicle? No ? So it's time! The Snow Bus Glacier 3000 is the perfect opportunity to do it. It rolls like a snow groomer on the crunching snow and has places for up to 20 people. And this is the most enjoyable way to explore the Glacier area - comfortably seated in its seat. It's a special way to wander - for young and old!


Fun Park

Luge fans can have fun in the snow, lugging at Fun Park. And this all over the year, since the snow safety on the Glacier 3000 ski area guarantees a perfect toboggan. Whoever dares to hit the slope will be impressed! This is the ideal winter sport for young and old, and this adventure in the snow can be experienced alone, in pairs, in groups, with friends or the all family.